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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Love on Fire

I have never visited Bethel Church in Redding, California. It doesn't matter. They are still family. That community is on my heart. For anyone who doesn't know, Redding is battling aggressive wildfires. I am thankful for social media. I can go to the church's website and discover how they are processing this event. I appreciate that their lead pastor, Bill Johnson, is approaching the event with a desire for restoration. They are calling on Christians to serve and restore those who have lost homes and property. This is encouraging. The concept of giving beauty for ashes is their dominate vision.

These wildfires are occurring as Jeremy Riddle's song, "Love on Fire" is hitting the airways. I reflect on the passion of this song and feel a slight unsettling. Considering this song is no easy task as I observe the destructive nature of fire. I have encountered the power of Christ. When I consider the power of nature, I must remind myself that God is the one who controls these events. What is God saying? Why is this event happening now? How must our nation respond?I How must the church respond? I hope Bill Johnson's desire for restoration becomes evident to our secular society. I pray Bethel Church's response to the event draws more to Christ. I hope the surrounding community discovers the beauty of Bethel Church and this ushers in a great revival.

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