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Monday, December 19, 2016


I'm currently on Christmas Break. I have plenty of time for rest and reflection. I am astounded by how far God has brought me. I am not the same person. This is a good thing. Not that I was a terrible person, but I dealt with crippling insecurities and fears. Now I have confidence and courage. I recognize when the enemy is trying to rob me of joy, and then I silence the devil.
It is amazing how the things that use to oppressively control me, no longer have sway. I asked for strength, and the Lord supplied. I have overcome in so many ways. The darkness of my past no longer reigns. I am no longer suffocating. I know that there will be trials in the future, but I feel better equipped. I feel free.
My victories are not my own. I live within a Christian community, which supports me even when evil lurks at my doorsteps. I have found stability and comfort. They challenge me. They believe in me. They graciously support me. 
I have suffered losses. I thought I would never heal. Foolish me. God has placed me in a community that stitches my scars. A community dedicated to excellence. A community where I can thrive. 
Graduation was a distant hope. I had little faith that I would ever earn a degree. I am only a few semesters away now. God knew my heart's desire, and He granted my request. I love Him for His many gifts, especially the gift of Himself.
I realize that if I am meant for greatness, I must overcome great obstacles. God is teaching me about endurance and dependence on Him. I might have faced ugliness in my past, I might face it in the future, and I might feel overwhelmed. However, God is a constant companion who sees the enemy's schemes...and He defeats that wretched snake in time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


They say it isn't over till the fat lady sings, so I suppose this blog post is slightly premature. However, I have so much celebration in my body, I need to express it! I have one more final and one more paper until my fall semester is completed! I survived another crazy semester without a breakdown. I was cast in two plays, took 13 credit hours, and worked part-time. I'm brave! I faced another scary endeavor and crushed it! I am thankful for the Taylor community and my father for nursing me through the bumps and bruises.
I am learning about God's faithfulness and His commitment to restoration. Everything the enemy has stolen, God has recovered. He keeps His promises and fights my battles. He is transforming me into a beautiful bride, fiery and strong. I am humbled by His nature and grateful for His kindness.
Mountains may appear insurmountable. Rising waters may threaten you. However, God is your protector and rearguard. Nothing is impossible for Him. He is able to accomplish His will through weak, fallen vessels.
Time to joyfully worship and celebrate!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Massacring Fear


I now know that fear is truly the silent crippler. It robs you of your true identity, robs you of potential. You may not even recognize you are experiencing fear. I know I wasn’t cognizant of it. I experienced the negative repercussions of fear without recognizing it as the cause. Now when my heart fails me, I speak truth over my life. I am strong and courageous! No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I am a child of God. He has equipped me for every good work! My identity is morphing into a grander reflection of strength.

The essential requirement of God’s people is and will forever be: keep the faith. It takes courage to keep the faith. One must be confident in the promises of God, not intimidated when the storms come.

This is a basic principle that we learned in those early childhood Bible lessons. However, the message feels new to me. I understand it to a new degree. I was made to live above my fears. I was made to completely rely on God without anxiety. It’s a daily battle, but it is a joyous adventure to grow in strength.

I will put my battle armor on daily. I will ignore the enemy. I will recognize intimidation when it rears its ugly head, and chop that head clear off! No more trembling in the dark!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Maybe You Need This

I feel the prompting of the Spirit. I feel like there is someone who needs to hear something, anything, from the Lord. Your spiritual hunger is reaching a peek and your hope is deferred. You were passionate and full of faith, but life circumstances have trapped you in doubt and disappointment. I want to encourage you. Your hunger is your heavenly gift. You only need to guard your heart against striving. God's promise is not delayed. The ugliness you have encountered is only proof that God wants to intervene and make all things beautiful. Shed off the garment of heaviness and put on a garment of praise. God is faithful and He is for you. You will see restoration.