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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How Did This Happen?

Well, I finished my last final for the fall semester. I am currently planning for graduation. Yeah, you heard me. It has taken 18 years! That's right! I started college at the University of Evansville in 1999. I attended that college with the expectation that I would graduate in four years like all the normal students. After an unexpected illness, I continued to doubt if college was even an option for me. I needed a community to undergird me, challenge me, and believe in me. I found that at Taylor University! The campus is known for its promotion of intentional community. Thanks to the investments of several intentional friends, I have found the footing to move forward. I have found the potential to hold a degree in my hand!

I found satisfaction in my theatre major. During high school, all those many years ago, I knew theatre was in my soul. I knew I wanted to follow my love for this worthy art. However, I often convinced myself I wasn't talented or confident enough to pursue a degree in theatre. Thanks to the wisdom of my academic adviser, Tracy Manning, I have learned that theatre is rarely about your talent and is NEVER about your ego. Christian artists give theatre as a gift. She introduced me to a sacrificial approach to theatre. This brand of theatre gives the audience an ability to investigate their own souls. Theatre gives the broader community an opportunity to commune in a sacred space. 

I can honestly say I am exactly where I belong. My twin brother likes to remind me that he graduated from college a long time ago. He teases me that it has taken this long. But I have come to realize that my journey will never look like my neighbors. I need to be okay with that. I am satisfied that I am about to graduate. I feel equipped for whatever life hands me. I am ready to influence others. I am ready introduce people to the beauty of live theatre. I am ready to serve with extravagance and with humility. I am graduating. This dream is happening. God has proved His faithfulness. Wow! Yes! Wow!

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