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Tuesday, August 08, 2017


Bedtime is always an interesting time for me. Sleep is a very delicate subject with me. My medications force me to sleep, which in the short term is very helpful. However,  I often wonder what I am missing out on because I love the stars. I haven't seen stars in awhile. It soothes the soul to see starts, especially someone like me. I have always been fascinated by the night sky.
I also find it fascinating that when I am going to bed, someone else is waking up.
I love that God has made us all different. He caters to His creation because He is by definition a "servant king". I love to hear His voice over me. Today was a good day. I didn't get everything I wanted to accomplish done, but I did what my weak body could. I am still madly in love with Jesus. I know it gets old hearing the same thing. But it is never old with Him. He is new every morning. He surprises me, delights me, challenges me, and rescues me. Sleep well!

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