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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

God's Image

There are many Christians who oppose gay marriage because a heterosexual marriage is a symbol of Jesus and the church. I actually believe this as well. Marriage is a sacred covenant that is meant to represent the glory of God. Same sex marriage doesn't represent the kingdom of God; it distorts God's design. Politically, I believe that same sex marriages should be allowed. However, I don't believe Christians should engage in homosexuality or lesbianism.

However, I have been considering other forms of misrepresentations of God's image. Misrepresentations are not limited to same sex marriage. I have always been deeply repulsed when I hear about terrorist beheading Christians. In scripture, it states that Jesus is the head and the church is the body. Detaching a head from a body is another abomination.

Obviously, another example happens when a father abandons his children. God is a father who promises to be faithful...promising to never leave or forsake his children.When a human father leaves his children, he misrepresents God.

Another example is divorce not contingent on infidelity. God as a husband is not willing to divorce His people without cause. Divorce is another misrepresentation of God's glory. I have been thinking about this because it is not only relevant when considering LGTB communities; it has ramification for other realms as well.

Another, maybe not so obvious symbol, is the depiction of the New Jerusalem, which is described as the bride of Christ in revelation. In this symbol, the building is not defiled, not welcoming of anything unholy. Jesus is the light of the city. This very powerful symbol requires that God's church be a holy representative. Jesus is the light, so any Christian who doesn't allow Christ to enlighten their spirit is misrepresenting God's kingdom.

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