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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Submit to God

I had two God dreams this morning. I am not going to share their content, but I will admit I desperately needed the direction and comfort they offered me. In my current state, I am so troubled by the world's depravity. People do unimaginable and wicked things. Humanity is not looking very attractive at the moment. Nevertheless, God has sent His Son to exhibit mercy and grace. We all need God's forgiveness and extravagant love. No matter how ugly it looks, there is hope for us.

I often carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, but in reality I can't control much. God can give me influence and empowerment in some realms, but He alone is the one who will ultimately make wrong things right. I am probably not resisting the evil one if I feel depressed or overcome by the world's wretchedness. I am giving the enemy a foothold, when I wallow in the darkness. God never wants me to despair. He wants me to be a messenger of hope. The Lord is the one who will intervene when injustice thrives. His kingdom is advancing.

One part of my dream lead me to James 4. I heard an audible voice say, "Submit to Christ in every way." When I woke up, I immediately remembered the verse in James. I have been considering chapter 4 today, reflecting on what it all may mean. I strongly believe it is a chapter for my current state. There is so much conflict and quarreling in the world. It might be easy to speak up and judge the situation, but in ALL things I must submit to God. I must give my burdens to Him. He knows the pain and He comes to heal.

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