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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Tonight in prayer, I had to cry. It felt strange because nothing has recently moved me to tears. Tonight, my empty room mocked me. I wanted His touch. I wanted to see His eyes. I wanted to smell His perfumes. I wanted to hear His voice, not some conception in my head. I wanted the voice ringing in my ear. Jesus, I want you. You are fully God and fully Man. I desire your wholeness.
Is it selfish of me to long for that aspect of Jesus? He has other wonderful qualities beyond His physical beauty. However, tonight I contended for this reality without shame.
I am the widow who wouldn't leave the unrighteous judge alone (Luke 18:1-8).
Widows morn. They wail. They deeply desire. I want a ravenous spirit that doesn't wane. Now in my every day life, this rarely manifest because I must tame myself in public. However, the prayer room grants me the freedom to be unrestrained in my asking: aka demanding.
Join the cry: Come!

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