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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Much More

I am in a theatre production entitled We Will Not Be Silent. I know I have spoken about The White Rose in other blogs, so I won't attempt to explain their pursuits here. (You can learn about them HERE). You need to know: they were Germans' who wrote "treasonous" leaflets that called for the end of the Nazi regime during World War 2.

I have considered that my blog posts could be a contemporary resistance leaflet. There is a new holocaust, murder of the unborn. Now, after reading about The White Rose's bravery, I am compelled to do more to combat this evil, much more.

To begin this process, I will be deleting my personal blog, Walking in Her Shoes. I will convert His Desire for Me to give it a more personal tone with spiritual thoughts and daily life. A new blog will be created: with essays, art, personal stories, civil awareness, and prayers.

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