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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Night Vision

I know God desires for me to share this dream on my blog. It may appear foolish to believe this dream is prophetic, but it is eerily close to Daniel's night vision recorded in chapter 7-8. It also comes at a time when I will be attending a mock UN conference in Chicago, where my class will represent Israel. (More about that in another blog I posted.)
I find this slightly humorous because Daniel 7 and 8 have always intrigued me, but I never assumed God would give me insight into the symbolic language. I don't know who the beasts represent and the language is archaic. However, the dream confirms that Daniel's night visions are for this season just as they were given to him for an earlier season. My dream is below.

There was a large beast that looked similar to a buffalo. He was romping around in what looked like a spacious complex with various apartments. The humans who lived in the area were concerned, but not panicked. Then the beast began to viciously battle a small beast, which had two horn. Another small beast with one horn attempted to protect the two horned beast. As they fought, they went out of my view. Some families who lived in the complex were concerned for other animals in the area. Some went to investigate the fight. The large beast had killed multiple animals and the people fell on these animals and wept greatly. I remember seeing a dead lamb and a dead lion. The results were catastrophic: so much so that any living animals began to mate with other animals, not of their kind, to preserve their species.

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