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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Already Defeated

I don't often battle the devil. In my mind, he is already defeated. Praying to reduce his influence seems unnecessary. As an intercessor, it should be natural to pick up the sword of truth and fight the principalities. However, I seem to lack that vigor and fortitude.
I am reluctant to “take back what the enemy stole”. When I engage in the fight for recovery, I am only reminded of the hurt and loss. Satan’s attacks were brutal and he showed himself heartless.

Now I have a new strategy: remind Satan of his future. Satan may taunt me during this life, but as I am conformed to the image of Jesus, his power will fade. Anything Satan says is birthed out of deceit and the fear of his final demise. He will rage. He will do unspeakable evil. These crimes are products of a destructive lifestyle. They will lead to consequences. He will suffer greatly, more than I will ever suffer.

I can go a bit further and remind myself of MY eternal future. I will come from the grave stronger, more beautiful, victorious, and I will reclaim all the ground the enemy invaded. The enemy will see the white robe wrapped around me by God. The enemy will see the crown resting on my head. The enemy will see God’s glory and His plan of redemption unfold. That tangible, pure light will burn Satan’s eyes.

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