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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life is Simple

I find it interesting that the two trees mentioned in Genesis are named “The Tree of Life” and “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”. It got me thinking.

I spend countless hours attempting to define good and evil. My generation is left to relativism. We must define our faith by sorting through various forms of thought. To aid in the discovery, we rummage through philosophy books, discuss religion with our peers, and beg our inner convictions to direct us.
I spend countless nights seeking the knowledge of good and evil and still I have ashamedly failed to wholly attain that knowledge. There are too many conceptions of good and evil, multiple layers and multiple complexities.
Will attaining that knowledge even satisfy us? Adam and Eve ate of the wrong tree. It was the Tree of Life that would have afforded them contentment.
If we strive to attain the knowledge of good and evil, we will find an endless ocean of possibility, which leads to incomprehension and disorientation. We will attempt to define that which can’t be defined.
To know all things, we must live much longer than 100 years. In our long pursuit of knowledge, we will find death before achieving full enlightenment.
The issue is not only that Adam sinned against God’s decree to NOT EAT. Adam sought the attainment of head knowledge without the understanding of life itself.
Life is simple. It is the opposite of death. Jesus is eternal life. God is the source of life. You won’t be bogged down by philosophies and your own intellectual pride if you wish to seek life. It is simple: to live you must do just that- live. That can only occur if God breathes into your nostrils. Ask that dirt named Adam and he will confirm it.

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