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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Reality of the Anti-Christ Spirit

A man predicted that the rapture would happen on May 21. There was Twitter and Facebook chatter, which mocked this prediction. This mocking helped to degrade the church and devalued Christ’s mission to redeem the earth.

Although, the rapture didn’t occur on May 21, I do believe a division occurred. “Who will you serve?” That was the question raised on May 21. Will this generation lean into scoffing and find false peace in drunkenness and complacency? Or will we accept Christ's mercy and compassion and hasten His return.

This is what troubles me:

The reality of the situation is as such: no one wants to say “This man is the anti-Christ” or “these people are influenced by the anti-Christ spirit". We want to believe in the goodness of humanity. It is intimidating to accuse someone of being under the influence of the anti-Christ. When a warning states that an anti-Christ spirit is at work, most humans scoff, laugh, and dismiss it. Not many want to acknowledge that evil REALLY does exist. As God's ambassadors, we must combat and expose Satan's end time plan. Satan relies on our lack of expectancy. He wants us to believe that the Anti-Christ will never decieve the earth. He wants us to ignore the signs and believe in a false peace. Jesus is the faithful witness. He is speaking in these last days, "Keep Watch!"

Most of humanity is still sleeping. Despite obvious birthing pains!

There is a false teacher who is asking his congregation to tattoo 666 on their bodies. He also claims to be the anti-Christ. You can learn more about him at this LINK. There are youtube videos asking the listeners to commit the unforgivable sin. There are government officials who are raging against Israel. Not to mention all the natural disasters! I would hope that these signs would wake people out of their slumber. But, they don’t awake because they don’t believe there is a day of judgment. They don’t believe God’s word. They think His followers are religious nuts and use spiritual jargon to judge others.

The warning was given: "be ready, be on your guard, test the spirits"- because Jesus will come like a thief in the night. If you aren’t watching and willing to believe that Satan will send false prophets, then that day will come unexpectedly. Satan wants you to walk in unbelief and he wants you to scoff God's plan. Jesus's return isn’t about fear, manipulation, or judgment. It is about redeeming humanity from Satan, who longs to destroy everything that is good and pure in this world. He is a liar and he can deceive you, if you let him. I am not ashamed of the truth- Jesus is coming and everything he predicted will happen just as He proclaimed! God is truth and His Son is begging His creation to heed His words as the day approaches.

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