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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Am Convinced

I am convinced now.

I doubted His ability. Life was too dark, evil surrounded me, my dreams shattered, my heart sick, and my hope stolen. Surly it was too late for the Holy Spirit to intervene. Why waste His holy time on a hopeless case.

I assumed I would walk with this black cloud constantly resting over my fragile mind. I had the spirit of heaviness and thought the garment of praise was reserved for His more privileged children.

Satan proved himself the robber. He came to steal, kill, and destroy. Those satanic teeth are shaper than I expected and I wasn’t prepared for battle. He knew how to vanquish my childlike joy. But, it wasn't over.

Here comes the Father, to repay Satan with annihilation. Here comes the Father, to restore my smile. Here comes the Father, full of joy, with a captivating dance.

God is a warrior. He rips this depression dragon off my shoulders. He ties him in chains, never to be released. The Lion of Judah's roar of victory is heard and it shakes the earth and the heavens.

My joy returns and it is seven fold stronger. God is my portion, and I hold no claim to this fading, tragic world. I wait for the alternative: the kingdom of light and unending pleasure. Death, where is your sting?

Welcome back joyful spirit! You are there when I am singing in the dungeon, you are eternal. You are there when I am broken and penniless, you are eternal. The fruit of joy is the sweet flavor dripping from my lips, it is eternal. I will sing of His resurrection power. He has proven Himself true.

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