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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He Still Loves You

The result of Jesus’ death and resurrection is clear: a paid price for our sins and free access to Father God. However, my natural tendency is to earn praise through effort. This often happens unconsciously.

I think the tragedy is when I use my religious activity to justify my soul. This troubles God’s heart the most. I find security in attending church, praying, reading my bible, and feeding the poor.

All church leaders love to see their congregations participate in these activities. Leaders quickly notice my devotion, passion, and commitment. In return, I receive promotions: church acolyte, worship backup, youth pastor, and coffee preparer.

I assume God is impressed by these activities and promotions. Therefore, I attend more meetings, worship with more enthusiasm, and look for new ways to serve. At the end of the day, I am exhausted and expect an extra bonus from the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

I enter my prayer closet and ask, “God, how did I do today? Was I good and did I obey?”
God replies, “I love you.”
“Yes, God you told me that yesterday and the day before.”
"It is the same today as it was yesterday. No less true. I love you the same."

This is glorious and astonishing. God’s loving-kindness has no end! It is the celebration of the Christian faith. We strive to earn His favor and eventually remember that our efforts are ash. His love is fiery and it never changes. I want His love to be enough. I want to rest in it. I want to trust that nothing can rob me of this love…and here is the good part….nothing can! Ohhh I love the good news.

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