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Friday, March 11, 2011


After watching the news reports on the earthquake, I felt relief. I am wrestling with feelings of worthlessness and insignificance. When I saw the destruction, I was reminded of the massive nature of my depravity. There are things I can do, but in reality they amount to little.

I think the prayer movement is about to explode; it is the only truly supernatural certainty. We are dependent on God. Our cries for a Father's protection will do more for the future of this universe than our attempts to fix a decaying globe.

The chaos and natural havoc is a pleasant reminder. It reminds me of His powerful love. All of nature submits to Him. He is coming closer and the earth is birthing a NEW EARTH. He is coming and I am ready. Thank you Lord for being who You are without compromise. You are lovely and extravagant. You are alarming us! I am ready. Even so Lord COME!

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