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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan and The Coming

I think it is interesting that our world is decaying and scientist are still attempting to save it. They suggest we must recycle more, drive less, and overcome mother nature by pure effort and money. Scientist should know the facts; this globe will not live forever without God.
I listen to the news and the commercials still come. People still want to make money even while children are starving and facing radiation poisoning. We are in denial.
Love of money is still the root of all kinds of evil. The truth is money can't save us anymore. Philosophies, politics, and entertaining movies can't save humanity.
I approach these disasters like I always have: it will get worse before His return. I approach this desperation with hope for the future. I am not afraid or filled with worry. I am impressed. Jesus will come with power to solve all the world's problems. He will show His muscles, His roar, and His white horse. The greatest love story/adventure story ever to brave the known universe. I am falling in love and leaving worry for all those who are lost and refuse to bow.

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Anonymous said...

hi my name is also Tamara and i think every word is very beutifull and romantic hehe! and i believe
everything was very helpfull because i have a better picture of how god/jesus will save us :). thank you. x