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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Today I found myself in another discussion about marriage. A dear friend of mine, who is almost 30, was eagerly hoping to meet her significant other. Like all such discussion a married person warned her about the trails of marriage. They advised her to embrace her singleness and use her freedom to serve God wholeheartedly. As I saw my friend's eyes sparkle as she thought of the eventual revealing of this soul mate I found myself perplexed. It has been so long since I ever had those girlish notions. I use to be extremely preoccupied with how I would meet my future husband. I use to plan my wedding. What colors would I use, what songs would I use, and other such foolishness. I did at one time think on such frivolities a great deal. I use to have hope to meet some elegant man and fall desperately in love. But, now I don't remember what it feels like to hope for such a love. I am extremely irritated by the opposite sex. Oh I don't mind them as brothers, but the minute I have an inkling that they have romantic thoughts toward me I coil up and avoid them. I don't want to marry. I don't even want to fall in love. I can't remember what it feels like to desire such an event. It is beyond me.

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