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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sitting On Your Butt

I will proceed carefully. I am aware that the person who gave this sermon might read this blog. Maybe a friend of his will read it and make him aware of my disgruntled attitude. I will try to keep the unity of the spirit and not offend my brother. Yet, I still feel compelled to comment on his remarks. He was challenging the young adults to be committed and active. This I full heartily agree with him on. Most young adults fear the word commitment and prefer to live lives of a spectator. But, the issue I must disagree on is his concept of prayer. He told us that we pray plenty, but then we don't do anything to change the situation. He said we sit on our butts and expect God to do something. Why didn't he just say he doesn't believe in the power of prayer. Let me argue that praying is in fact doing something about the situation! Tongues is in fact a gift of the church. Prayer even ushers in the prophetic which is the highest gift. Prayer is a ministry and is an action. Also I think waiting on God to do something is not something to be displeased with. I must confess a majority of our programs are run by man and not at all anointed by the spirit. Prayer is a MINISTRY. Prayer is not sitting on your butt. True intercessors use strength, heart, and passion and see the kingdom appear. Every revival ever recorded was birth through prayer. I was not convinced of the power of prayer until I did a study on the verse, "Not by might or by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord." That my friends convinced me that waiting on God and seeking Him is to be foremost in our endeavors.

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