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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Time of Singing

Tonight was our desire more service. I won't waste my time trying to tell you how awesome it was. I would fail to describe it. I felt joy and refreshment, but I really think I would do the Lord a disservice by trying to explain the encounter. But, there is something that I want to speak on.

Corey Russell is coming to Fort Wayne this November. I know I probably idolize him more than I should. I know he is just a man. But his hunger and passion has always moved me. The first time I heard him speak was at One Thing. Everyone was simply sitting in their seats calm and relaxed. I was bent over sobbing loudly. I must have looked like such a fool. But, I could feel the Lord's favor toward this man. I don't think November can come soon enough. I can't even begin to describe my anticipation!!! Here is a sample of His preaching.

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Hennyfair said...

C.R. is an incredible speaker. I really enjoyed listening to him in K.C. I hope you have a great time!