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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday (Long Post)

I consider it an obligation to share with my dear ones the tantalizing details of my favorite day! I put on my favorite dress that I bought for Easter last year. I feel so beautiful in it. I dolled myself up for Jesus. He thinks I look ravishing in it. :)

About an hour before the second service I got a call from Debbie Shinn. Apparently my mother was making a scene at church and they called me to help correct the situation. It was so strange that not more than a month ago I was in that situation. Ranting and raving and having to be escorted out of church. I brought her back to my house with no tension. She loves me! Making it easy to convince her to come with me. She was noticeably sick. I don't know what she did in the time that interrupted the daily grind of church. But, I still recognize that her illness doesn't warrant her staying out of the building. She needs the church and I am perplexed as to how mental illness and structured, organized religion gets a long. (Hmm have I stumbled on a book topic?)

After returning to church for second service I was a little flustered with myself. Having just saved the church from another mentally ill disruption I was determined not to let it spoil my holiday. Yes, seeing the palm branches just melted my heart once again. I really liked the song that the choir selected. Basically it welcomed Jesus into the room. It contrasted with the Pharisees ridicule of the triumphal entry.

Oh, before I even went to church I got an e-mail from an old friend that honestly touched me deeply. One of the encouragement in the letters said this----God has a special place in His heart for you. I had a prophesy about a year ago that said just that. God has a special place in His heart reserved just for me. So that just made my heart leap a little. I love that revelation. Especially on Palm Sunday. It is a special day that God and I share for various reason. Obviously my name means palm tree so I am giddy when I see all the palm branches. But, also I have a deep sorrow that I share with the Lord when He weeps over Jerusalem.

Our young adult group had a SEDER!!! Yep we went through the passover story tonight. I loved every minute of it. I even liked the bitter herbs, yummy. God knows how to romance a girl. Then I finished the night with a concert that was being held at the church. One of the songs was written for me I guarantee it. I know you will laugh, but I honestly think God inspired those words just to prove His love for me.

Finally I have some upsetting news. I DON'T understand the cross. I always just accepted it because it is the basis for the whole Christian religion. But, I have to admit the Father is a complete mystery to me. Why did He choose blood sacrifice for salvation. I can't even begin to unveil my misunderstanding of this mystery. Later I will write another blog on how I am astounded. I am a believer and I am totally puzzled by this plan of salvation. I mean if you really meditate on what Jesus did your flesh coils and your self righteousness tries desperately to justify you. I have much praying to do and plenty of bible to read to renew my mind.

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Becky Durham said...

Thanks for sharing about your Palm Sunday! I love going to church during Holy Week--there's just such an anticipation.

We do our Seder on Thursday night :)

God bless you!