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Monday, March 24, 2008

20 Minute Dream about God's Glory

Umm hmm uh so uh yeah hmm okay I can do this. I can explain the hugest God encounter of my entire life. Yeah, I can put into word the indescribable awesomeness of God...okay probably not. I literally just had a 20 minute dream on how beautiful and incomparable God is. I am serious. I just had a 20 minute dream download about God's beauty. Why is He trying to get my attention? Why is He so adamant about having my full attention and affection? I won't tell you the whole dream basically because I can't. It was supernatural. I woke up almost angry. How am I suppose to go through my day after that? How can I go to work? I almost drove off the road because I was singing, "You've Stolen My Heart" at the top of my lungs and not paying attention to traffic. I made it home in one piece, but I am not the same girl. Guys, this dream was overwhelming. I feel like Daniel. I will be sick for three days after this revelation. I will share with you morsels. God was pulling me through a vast expanse of the universe. Stars were flying all around. Then the stars turned into people. Millions of people. Then God asked, "Do you have any idea who you are!??" He said it with overwhelming love and affection. I said, "Probably not!" Then He showed the Father hugging the Son. He said, "Today is your wedding day!" The Son was almost shocked, but then hugged His father and said, "OKAY!" He said it with so much joy, but still a hint of disbelief. Guys there is so much more! The dream also showed God's face fazing in and out. It kept changing and was barely shown. Then I just had this burst of power and love when His eyes came into focus. In my heart I said, "That is how I will recognize Him and know Him! No one could have eyes that showed that amount of passion and beauty. OHHH if I could describe the feeling I would, but I am without words. His eyes were the most enthralling, attractive, alluring eyes in the universe! I can't share the rest. Not because I don't want to. More like I can't. The whole dream was a blast of power and outpouring of heaven. Guys, I am not the same. Okay one more part. I was aware that Jesus was hiding behind something. Then I heard, "Are you ready?"said with excitement and love. Then his face elevated up till I had a full view of his face. He was so close to me. I saw his eyes and his entire face clear as day. I immediately bowed my head down and said, "O MY GOD, You are so beautiful." And he was! This dream went on for a long time, so there was even more. I am so overwhelmed I can't write any more. I need to worship, repent, and usher in His kingdom through prayer.


Mr. & Mrs. Lorentzon said...



that is so amazingamazingamazingamazing

of course you will never be the same!

that is one of the most amazing dreams i have ever heard in my life! what an amazing blessing!

i am going to read that again and again!!!!

Hennyfair said...

wow. awesome. 'nuff said.

Mr. & Mrs. Lorentzon said...

Have you seen that movie "Canvas" (2006)?

It was moving.

Tamara said...

No, but now that you suggested it I will.