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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catalog of Events

Today I decided to apply myself. I finished my taxes. I had a lovely figure for a return. The highest it has ever been. I have decided not to spend it before I recieve it. I am going to put the money into my checking and only use it when absolutely necessary. I know part of it will have to go the church building fund. I made a commitment to pay a certain amount. I want to be a good steward.

I also went to a coffee shop and read a rather challenging book called Envy. I enjoyed a tall Chi and read about two chapters. I was unaware that there are so many stories in the Bible that address envy. It is everywhere! While at the coffee shop my sister called me. She told me a story of a friend of hers that fell and broke her arm. It sounded horrific. Apparently it was the worst kind of break a person can get. My sister helped this wounded friend to the hospital. My sister is a hero.

I went to Target as well. I had a gift certificate from Christmas that I hadn't spent yet. I got a shirt and a pair of jeans. I gained ten pounds in the hospital. So while trying on my outfits I was a little troubled. I am hoping to get a discount on a YMCA membership. I love working out and I love playing basketball. I am not worried about loosing the extra weight. I know it will disappear fast. It decided to collect right around my belly. Like always.

So overall my day was eventful!

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