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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Changing Leaves

I've been climbing this mountain for awhile now. Today during my walk to campus, I felt drained and incapable. Thankfully, the sun was shinning, the temperature was just right, the leaves are turning color, and I ARRIVED on campus.
I am starting to see signs that the battle is coming to an end. I feel like God disciplined me enough to help me stop bad behavior. I feel like my reality is coming into focus. Taylor is such a nurturing environment.
I am still struggling to commit to my studies. There are so many distractions. I am loving directing class even though I feel completely incapable. I am uncomfortable taking a make-up class, so I have skipped a few classes and missed assignments (not something I normally do.) I am succeeding at exercising! I have consistently walked 9 miles each day. I really have lots of energy, so I have more motivation to physically challenge myself.
Normally, transition is not a good experience for me. That is why I usually lose myself after a large event or right before a big event. However, the changing leaves are inspirational enough.

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