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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Medication Councilling

I visited my doctor Ozo today. I came in with the need to change meds because I simply can't handle getting blood test. Luckily, Dr. Ozo raised my medications so I can start to become myself again. I was pretty sure I saw Dr. Conn there as well working with a group. I am constantly thrown back and forth. I am not complaining, but I think I understand how difficult it was for Jesus to simply walk down the streets. People probing him, testing him, following him, and asking things of him. In his early life as a child, he probably had less people to serve. He could be a child (like those who inherit the kingdom). Jesus (the Son of God) shares a common habit, hiking. Nature gave God much delight.
Back on subject: I am looking forward to taking more medications, but it may halt my ability to return in the fall.

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