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Monday, December 26, 2011


I envy the Muslim woman for one thing: the hijab. I think head covers are the most elegant expression of a woman's true beauty. It speaks of humility, submission, and inner beauty. I wish I could wear these every day.
Now one might ask, "Well then why don't you?" Unfortuntally, it is no longer culturally acceptable. If you wear a head covering, people assume you are Muslim. I don't want other to think I worship Allah. That is a wretched defilement of the truth. Yeshua is the true God!
 I was watching The Nativity Story and I was struck by the beauty of Mary in the movie. Her head covering wasn't ornate. It was made of a simple, boring material. However, it made her raident. Mary's greatest quality was her humility and discretion.
I wish I could start a female revolution in the Christian world. I wish we could fall in love with modesty.I even thought about creating head dresses that have Christian images on them. Fashion statement!
I would never force anyone to wear modest clothing. The Holy Spirit gives us more than the need to obey His laws; He gives us the "want" to obey His laws.

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