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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Is War

We know what conception is medically; however, we don't grasp the full weight of its immensity. Life created by the connection of two people. We know what abortion is medically; however we don't grasp the full weight of its destructive power. Currently, we are at war. At war with surgical weapons of mass destruction. As I consider the innocent lives lost, I must consider my role. Am I to shout rethoric, and pray diplomacy works in the end? Can my conscience truly bare the weight of blood spilled? Can I hope politocal leaders will take office and end the travisty? The battle continues to rage. I am undone by the alliegation that a baby is fetal tissue. I feel powerless to combat it because the pro-choice movement no longer hears, no longer sees. Hollocaust! My dear friends! Hollocaust.
My demands: abortion becomes illegal in all 50 states and no funding goes to support abortion outside the US. These are demands that must be met in my lifetime or my life is mute. Like Martin Luther before me, I preach peaceful protest. However, my body aches because I fear this holy timidity will only feed the demon of death.

As such, I will ask for protective measures that do not require violence. Seek out teenagers who are not prepared to be mothers., love them and serve them Preach the truth to the medical community. Fill Facebook, Youtube, and all forms of social media. Text and tweet. Let us join together and combat this mighty evil.

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