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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stealth Evangelism

I frequent the local gym and have conversation with some of the members. In the last two days, I have had encounters with three subtle evangelist. It is so entertaining to witness their approach. I pretend I am a heathen with no conception of scripture. I don't manipulate the situation, I just listen and let them preach. It is rather comical to hear the older generation attempt to minister to me. They quote well-known scripture verses and invite me to church. They often use the word "contemporary service". (The young adults' key phrase.)

The first introduction to the Gospel is a sacred moment. God's message is simple and easily proclaimed. Evangelism and discipleship are gateways to glory. The subtle message will produce a radical love for a vast universe held together by a man on the throne, who will come to take a bride. Inviting someone to church is a simple step, but a necessary one, an invitation to encounter a perfect, radiant face.

The Happy Ending

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