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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Mysterious Spirit

I think the Bible has much to say about Father God and Jesus. I feel the Spirit is described with less detail. The Spirit wants to draw us to Christ. He doesn't speak of Himself for this very reason.

I admit, I have a new curiosity. I hear the Spirit is not a force or a feeling. I hear He is a person who comforts and guides. However, even those descriptions are shrouded in mystery.

He resides in me! This testimony is not a riddle or a parable; it is a reality. What substance are your made of Holy Spirit? How did you get in me? What form do you delight to take? You reign on the earth now! Your kingdom is now! You are heaven on earth! You are gentle and You are the whisper we long to hear. Take your place; be enthroned on our praise.

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