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Monday, February 14, 2011

College Lesson (Take One Million)

Returning to college was not in my plans. I didn't have the money or the motivation. God dragged me kicking and screaming. After I attended, I realized the calling on my life was larger than I first imagined. Thanks to Dr. Dennis Hensley, my professor, I learned that dedication makes one successful. I realized that God is serious about my career and college is preparing me.

I feared college and failure... and here it is again: another slight failure. I went to the One Thing conference and broke down during the last day of the event. Many blame my illness on the conference: "Tamara, you should learn not to attend those events!" (I didn't learn my lesson; I am still addicted to One Thing). However, I didn't realize how costly the perfume would be this time around. (John 12:1-8)

I lost my ability to return to classes for the winter. I might not be able to participate in the touring theater company. My friend and I are estranged from each other. My family misunderstands me. I have bills and debts to pay. I have a list of chores a mile long. I am single and helpless.Will this "tragedy" turn me into a Martha? I fear all writers are Maryarthas: a mixture of Mary and Martha. We don't fit into a box very well because, as Dr. Hensley taught me, writers are often misunderstood.

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