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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rated R

I think there is a moment in the Christian walk where you suddenly realize the Bible is rated R. You suddenly realize how secretive your Sunday school teacher was in grade school. I have been a Christian for along time now, but not till recently did I come to the realization that the Bible is full of dirt. I have been praying about this. It has always been a pursuit of mine to be pure in heart. How do I balance that with the graphic storytelling of the Bible? God is the author of the Word, so He didn't make any mistakes. He put the rated R material in the Bible for a reason. But, it seems to conflict with His nature. Parents wouldn't let thier children watch an R rated movie. Why would God want His children reading smut. Even sermons on Sunday don't address the more graphic stories. Pastors tell us pornography is wrong for a Christian, but they don't address the fact that the Bible is full of explict material! I know this is a strange subject to blog about, but this is bothering me. We all strive to be holy and blameless while the book we are feeding on is covered in sin, lust, and violence. God you are mysterious.

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Troy said...

yeah i agree... kind of. seeing how the bible is full of people, there are bound to be plenty of accounts of the sinful human nature. that gives me hope to know that one second someone can be changing the world for God and the next second they are screwing up beyond what we could possibly believe. it's repeaded examples of human fallibility that reassures me that God can still love me too despite my mistakes. one thing i can say though is that there is a difference between the way that movies and the bible depict rated R material. the bible gives us an account of things happening. kind of "he went here and he did this." movies give us a graphical image that we can attach ourselves to and explore with our minds. seems different to me.