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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Beyond Comprehension

Not all Christians believe in hell. Usually, these people cannot fathom the existence of a God who would condemn souls to everlasting torment. I believe there is a hell, although I believe in a less violent version of hell. I don’t ascribe to the current version of hell, which claims people will experience eternal burning and torment. I; however, do believe hell is eternal separation from God (which is far worse than eternal burning).

Often the Christians who don’t believe in hell, still choose to believe in heaven. To these rational minds, heavens is more believable. It is easier to believe in a benevolent God who promises us heaven, but it is harder to believe in a benevolent God who condemns us to hell. However, I would argue that this choice to favor belief in heaven over belief in hell is flawed. It should be more astonishing to believe in heaven.

Heaven is beyond our comprehension. If it is easy to believe in heaven, it is likely that we don’t understand the glories that await us. We think we understand that heaven is a place of reward. We can slightly comprehend the benevolence of God. However, I must remind everyone that heaven will be a place with NO pain, NO tears, and NO loss. We will experience eternal pleasure. There won’t be a moment of reprieve from the delight of God. I contest that it is easier to believe in hell than to believe in the reality of heaven. We should be more astonished that God will give us eternal pleasure.

Have you ever watched those viral videos when parents surprise their children with a trip to Disney World? Initially, the children are skeptical. The kids think their parents are tricking them. When they grasp that they are truly going to the land of fun, they scream and bawl with excitement. Heaven will require astounding belief. God will need to convince us of pleasures forever because this is beyond comprehension. Far more than we know. Death is defeated.


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