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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marriage Rape

There are many men who force women to have sex without their consent. This is against the law. However, I would say many have been marriage conversation raped. If you force a man or women to marry you by constantly saying "we should get married", you are forcing intimacy before they are ready. If you casually tell a women she will eventually get married when she told you she isn't interested in marriage, you have forced intimacy.

I have numerous conversation with Christian women who tell me "I think you should get married" or "I think children are in your future", or "you will change your mind". It is a mental rape. I don't want to talk about the intimacy  before I am ready.


Becky Durham said...

I get pretty frustrated about how our society treats women like they aren't worth as much if they aren't married or have children...or as if their life isn't complete unless they do these things.

Sarah said...

I agree. My friend felt pressured into her marriage and now it's not going so's not the worst it could be but not what she wanted. I think what we need to do when we feel pressured into marriage or sex or something is pray to God about it. He will give us the strength to withstand sinful desires and will make clear to us what He wants in our lives.