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Thursday, March 13, 2008


I use a lot of my strength worrying about my weight. When I went to the hospital I gained about 10 pounds. Now half of my pants don't fit me. This is a big annoyance. I feel at peace when I am 125 or under. My body is very strange. I only gain weight in my stomach. I have a round belly and it is driving me nuts. I tend to worry about it 24/7. I have been doing pilates and yoga, but the weight isn't leaving fast enough. I want to get a YMCA membership, but I actually can't afford one at the present. The weather is getting nicer so I will be able to walk more. My job is strenuous so that helps. But the medicine I am taking makes me hungry more often. My roommate is helping by buying healthy foods from the store. I know I shouldn't be so obsessed with my image, but being healthy feels spectacular. I want to loose at least 5 pounds a month.

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