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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Man Behind the Counter

I went out to eat at a restaurant alone. I often go to restaurants by myself. I find it rather relaxing. I don't consider it a necessity to have someone with me. But I was shocked when I went to the register to pay for my meal.

Man behind the counter- Where is your husband or boyfriend?
Tamara- I don't have one. I am single.
Man behind the counter- (face of shock) Really!!??
Tamara- I like being single. It's fun.
Man behind the counter- (another face of shock)

First I was shocked that he even dared to ask me that question. Then I was irritated that he was so stunned that I was alone and still content. Then I was frustrated that I made a big deal out of such a trivial occurrence.

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Hennyfair said...

LOL...That's happened to me before. Not in that exact situation, of course, but quite similar. Only, I take it as a compliment. Yeah, definitely don't something like that get to ya! To me, it just means it's a shock to him/her that such a beautiful, precious, blessed woman of God hasn't been snatched up yet!