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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am in the process of reading a book called Envy. Laurie was talking about this book a few weeks ago. I knew I had to get my hands on a copy and read it from cover to cover. I wanted to read it because I was in a battle. About a year ago envy wasn't something that ruled my life. But, recently jealousy and envy have gained new ground. If you have watched Spiderman 3 you can get a picture of what envy does to you. The black ooze covering your skin and taking over your emotions. I haven't read enough of the book to start battling it. So far I have just read the description of what envy is and how it manifest. I plan to finish the book this week and I might share some of the insights. One question I want answered is should I ask for forgiveness? There are two people I am very envious of. Should I approach them and make them aware of my sin? Whenever they walk in the room I either feel extremely insecure or inexcusably bitter. I want to encourage them and love them, but my selfish ways get the better of me. This book is convicting me in more ways than one. I pray I can overcome this sin before it gets worse.

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Troy said...

that's a really good book. even if you think that you don't have a problem with envy, the way he describes it and uses scripture will open your eyes to envious ways that you never knew were there. i like how he doesn't do it in a way that will make you feel horrible about yourself, but many times i found myself going "wow... i do that... and that... and that..."